Hello, this is Barry Gustafson at Advantage Insurance in Loveland, Colorado. I wanted to take a moment to give you some valuable pointers to avoid roofing company scams.

  1. Roofing companies that use tactics to get you to sign a contract. A very common one is they say just sign here so that we can inspect your roof. You should not have to sign anything for them to inspect your roof to get an estimate. What roofers usually do is have you sign a piece of paper and you’re forced to use them, at inflated prices to replace the roof and you can’t get the contract of your choice.

  2. Then there’s the storm chasers. Their sole objective is to get you to sign the contract. They collect the deductible and leave town without starting finishing the roof or even getting up on the roof.

  3. There are roofing scams that completely mis-represent the insurance company and knock on the door and say, “Your insurance company sent us to fix your roof.” It’s highly unlikely that any insurance company would send someone out to fix anything on your property without contacting you for your approval first.

    Companies that overcharged and tell the homeowner, If your insurance company won’t pay and then you’re responsible. Some of their contracts have that in that you’re responsible to pay if the insurance company doesn’t.

    Don’t sign anything to get any estimates for any bids for your roof.
    If you have any questions, give us a call and an Advantage Insurance, team member will assist you. 970-669-9390.